Meet our Team

As a national leader in custom sign systems, we have a lot to offer.

It takes a special group of people, a family, to keep the tradition and values alive in a growing company. Maineline started as a small operation in a home office and has grown to become a national leader in residential sign systems.

JT Clough

Jr. Project Manager

Tim Sullivan

Lead Designer - Environmental Main Identification

Ali Leizure

Designer – Signage & Wayfinding

Scott Jobe


Kerri Mobile


Janine Soffron

Project Manager

Kathleen Brecheen

Shop Technician

Jeffri Anwar

Senior Lead Installer

Derick Jenness

Printer Operator

Sarah Fournier

Lead Designer – Signage & Wayfinding

Mike Harrington

Operations Manager

Gary Coleman

Production Manager

Alisa Andrusiak

Design Manager

Greg Pugliese

Project Director

Max Capon

Installation Project Manager

Derrick Glow

Senior Experiential Designer - SLM

Heather Harvey

Senior Designer – Signage & Wayfinding

Mike Anfuso

Senior Production Designer

Peter Frattini

Vice President of Client Relations

Not Pictured

Dylan Anwar – Lead Installer
Lisa Forbes – Installation and Billing Coordinator
Ric Harrison – Senior Designer – Environmental Main Identification
Josh Gould – Installation Coordinator
Ryan Vance – Experiential Designer – SLM
Zach Dube – Install Technician
Tim Markot – MID Project Manager
Jim Abbott – Sales Executive
Chad Straight – Painter
August Dalrymple – Jr. Designer – Signage & Wayfinding
Cale Bryant – Install Technician
Armon Adkins –Install Technician
Shane Grant – Install Technician
Jeremiah Gould – MID Project Manager
Susan Smith – Shop Technician
Deb Manchester – Shop Technician
Jason Biondi – Estimator
Cindy McDade – Sales Executive

(Those who wish to remain anonymous)

Open Positions

We’re hiring for the following positions.


Proactively manages sign projects from handshake to production, working closely with the client and the internal teams to ensure the signs are designed appropriately, free from errors, produced according to specifications, and delivered on schedule.

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We are looking to add an HR Business Partner to our growing team. Our ideal candidate is someone who can manage traditional HR tasks and is passionate about HR being a strategic element that supports the goals and vision of the company.

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We love our pets.

Our houses wouldn’t feel like homes without our furry loved ones. Maineline has partnered with the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire to make sure pets receive a microchip when they are rescued. A microchip is the best way to help any pet “Be identified” and find their way home.

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Chloe Jobe

In memory of Youki Mobile

Lady Soffron

Yda Vance

Jadey Mobile

Greta Leizure

In memory of Sammy Frattini

Max Harvey

Rondo Gould

Lucy Soffron

Sophie Forbes

Taco Harrington

Johnny Andrusiak

Dolly Abbott

Jack Andrusiak

Bass Andrusiak

Kaiya Founier

Quincy Jenness

Badger Coleman

Maddie Forbes

Sam Sullivan

Yukina Glow